Assassin’s Creed 3 Experience the American Land

After waiting quite a long time while playing the role of Altair and Ezio Auditore in the last two adventures, eventually gamers around the world will be able to taste a new world in the third series of Assassin’s Creed. Yes, playing as Connor Kenway, Assassin’s Creed III will bring the war to the American Revolution in the 18th century as the main theme.

Starting from childhood Connor lives in a beautiful village, her life was full of tranquility and peace. But everything changed after the colonial attack, full residential fire. That’s when Connor becomes an Assassin journey began.

Later you will be able to see the skill of the Assassin Connor looks well used to help fight America, including a great help in the fight against bears and wolves.

Yes, besides crawling with soldiers in the Assassin’s Creed 3 also contained wild animals such as bears and wolves. If you want to challenge other areas are also still available high to climb and has a beautiful view when you’re ready to make the leap leave the iconic Assassin’s Creed called “Leap of Faith”.
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This Worms Can She Type Drifting Through Cockroach

Cockroaches are animals that live in dirty areas, making these insects are known to nest various germs. Lately rumors stating that the worms in the belly of a cockroach can be transmitted to humans. Worm is it?

“It’s Cockroach has grooming trait (self-cleaning) well. When discharged through the dirty places, he will lick-njilati body. Worm eggs could be attached to entry into the body and then hatch in the stomach,” said Dr. drh. Upik Kesumawati Hadi, MS, parasitology expert from the Department of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University.

The news was widely circulated on Facebook explained that in the belly of a cockroach contained worms smooth. If bullied and out entrails, worms can come out and go through the human pores.

dr cockroach squashed Upik explain not only put worms or worm eggs alone, but the germs and bacteria that are circulating in their homes. But Dr. Upik still advise people not to worry too much because the worm infection is mostly done by hand no food and kept clean, not through direct cockroach.

For these types of worms that can infect cockroaches, dr Upik explained that the worms digestion in humans could be signed. Especially if a cockroach runs through the septic tank. The type of intestinal worms are pinworms, stomach worms, hookworms, and so on.

“If it is said to be able to get into the pores might like worms in the soil which is usually the kids that love to play outside not wear sandals can enter, such as Ancylostoma species,” explained Dr. Upik.

However, Dr. Upik suggest that the news about the worms in the roach’s abdomen remains to be investigated further validity. To overcome worm infection, taking drugs is enough to eradicate worms worms in the body.

Sanrego, Natural tonic for Men Wind Land Mamiri

Herbs or herbs have long been used by the ancestors of the Indonesian nation since many years ago. One of the most widely sought after by men is a natural tonic. In Makassar, the famous herb can increase the might of the men was Sanrego.

Sanrego actually merpakan timber plants that have a Latin name Lunasia Amara. This plant is commonly found in eastern Indonesia and thrives precisely Sanrego Village, District Kahu, of Bone.

Many local people use this wood to increase sex drive. It is said that plants with similar properties similar usability as tongkat ali or purwaceng in Java.

Empirically indeed local communities have the kind of plants did they use for that. So that it is local wisdom that needed to be removed, said Dr. Anna Khuzaimah, head of the Traditional Community Health Center (BKTM) Makassar.

In the exhibition that was held in conjunction with the National Working Meeting of Eastern Regional Health Ministry of Health in 2013 in Grand Clarion Hotel, Makassar, Dr. Anna explained that so far, the benefits Sanrego themselves still have not been studied clinically.

According to Dr. Anna, BKTM will inventory some research on this herb and then see to what extent the evidence is. If you’ve arrived at the point of security and menfaat, this herb can be used to recommend.

We do not recommend to assess, as it requires the FDA clearance and basenya evidence must be clear, medical-related, said Dr. Anna.

However, Dr. Anna said there has been no public complaints related to the use Sanrego. BKTM plans to interview people usually used for what and how the side effects.

“If in other areas of his name might varies. But use the same. There are so many people who use. Course should we hold in terms of security and safety,” said Dr. Anna.

Exciting Adventures in Video Game Beastie Bay

After successfully issued the previous Kairosoft games Sushi Spinnery and Kairobotika some time ago, mobile game developers are now re-launched its newest game, beastie Bay. Almost the same with other simulation games, this game invite you to build an unknown island with your pet.

The game begins when a young boy with a pet dog, stranded on an island unknown location. You, who plays the character of a man who was stranded was eventually decided to build the island is completely uninhabited.

The main idea of ??the Beastie Bay is bringing you into a mix of town simulation games and pet simulation or pokemon. Where in town simulation, you are required to develop the island you inhabit and explore the surrounding islands. While the game pokemon, you can complain pet, pet capture and even give weapons to pet them.

If in the view of the town simulation, this game is quite interesting. You are in demand to build houses, so people want to live on your island. Not only that, you also have to build wells, farms, up to the pier for tourists interested in visiting your island.
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Humpback Cause: Boyfriend Short As Much Love to Play Gadgets

There are many little things that ruin your posture. For example, if dating someone much shorter would make the concerned often bent so as to make her slouch or kyphosis. Too often playing gadgets are also not good because it could cause slouch.

“If it is higher it her boyfriend (girlfriend) have often looked down (toward partner) after listening to his girlfriend. Nah, this is what makes him a long time may develop kyphosis and risk,” said Dr. Siti Annisa Nuhonni SpKFR, physical medicine specialist and rehabilitation.

In addition, prolonged lying in the ICU can also lead to kyphosis. According to Dr. Honni, it happens because the beds are curved posture can alter the patient.

“That is why if there are patients who experience so we will provide physiotherapy to help muscles and bones into shape,” said a doctor who worked at the RSCM.

Physicians who already has 6 grandchildren added that the use of ‘gadget’ either phone or laptop can now also be one of the factors causing kyphosis.

It is also recognized by the founders of the Valencia Mieke Randa Community Blood for Life is to be one of the speakers. “The mobile phone will play a lot down. Surely only be called up if this turns out to be little factor as well,” he said.

Dr. Honni suggest especially people who work in the office and often work in front of the laptop to keep his seat. “People like this if you do not keep well and calcium consumption is not keeping posture will be susceptible to osteoporosis and kyphosis,” he concluded

There is ‘No Egg’ style of 100% Chocolate Molecular Indonesia

Many people know Switzerland and Belgium as the best producer of quality chocolate in the world. In fact, Indonesia is the world’s third chocolate. Chocolate from Bali and Aceh in the cafe too is treated with molecular gastronomy style. Tempting!

Pipiltin Cocoa Factory & Cafe proves this. In contrast to other cafes or chocolate shop, Pipiltin apply the concept of ‘bean to bar’. Brown seeds obtained from Aceh and Bali processed solely by Pipiltin.

Roasting, Winnowing, milling, refining, blending, conching, tempering chocolate to be done on the ground floor Pipiltin. Process involving a variety of even this machine you can see from behind a large glass window. Just like a chocolate factory in miniature.

You might be surprised when you first entered the Pipiltin. It was like entering a small factory, there is only ‘laboratory’ brown on the right without eating area like a cafe. Apparently, that’s a great step function that welcomes visitors since opening its doors: takes you to the main area on the second floor.

On the upper floor, then tables and wooden benches and sofas look. The impression of a ‘dark’ look of the selection gray, brown, and black in this room, coupled with the rather dim lighting and natural design style Aztec.

Mezzanine floor contains a room for smoking, while the third floor is designated as meeting places or other events. Still on the second floor, chocolate that has been processed on the first floor dikreasikan a variety of foods and beverages. There is also a refrigerator for displaying a variety of tempting chocolate cake. Hmm …

Menu list to display the menus a la West with names and descriptions in English. On the advice Tissa Aunilla, owner Pipiltin, we also tried Egg No. ($ 41) and Ebony Ivory ($ 41).

Egg No. I was surprised when presented. It looks remarkably like meat molecular gastronomy! The middle of the white hemispherical looks like poached egg. Placed around him like a brown granular soil. Foam billowing behind ‘egg white’, while the yellow balls and ‘frog eggs’ give a touch of bright color. Everything is laid out on a plate pretty large round dark gray.

Olala … When solved with a spoon, then found out that the ‘egg white’ is white chocolate panna cotta. In it there is a ‘soft-boiled egg yolk’ which was a mixture of mango and passion fruit jelly, just like the yellow balls are scattered on the plate.

Soft texture and a slightly sour taste combined with ‘soil’ made of chocolate biscuit crumbs and chilli. Krenyes with faint spicy freshness of basil combined with the ‘frog eggs’. Well, ‘foam’ that was my intention seems to deflate after the taffy is immediately torn down with a spoon. Yum, yum … Full sensation in the tongue!

Ebony Ivory molecular equally. Glance looks like an aromatherapy candle container or fish bowl with a glass lid cone. Wow, when the lid is opened, the smoke billowing with smoke scents! Apparently, the smoke and the smoky aroma derived from powdered hickory.

Behind the white chocolate plate with holes stored diced black cherry syrup brownies are soaking in the dark. Disendok syrup brownies along with vanilla mousse placed in closed glass cone.

Hmm … Typical sweet and sour black cherry combined with a creamy mousse. Strong smoky aroma even this dessert makes pencicipnya acquired taste that breaks into two extreme camps: lovers and haters.

After trying a spectacular menu, we wanted to explore the local flavors by ordering a chocolate comfort food like churros ($ 5) and cake. Churros are fried until golden brown, then sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Kriuk-Kriuk, sweet and fragrant aroma spread.

Two complementary sauce not to be missed. Brown sauce containing 68% cocoa and come from Bali. When dicicip, fruity sour flavors emerge, characterized by similar coffee from the island. Another one is home the fresh strawberry jam. Do not bite the sour sweetness with the subtle detected.

Crunchy Chocolate Cheese Cake ($ 2) and Crunchy Raspberry Cake ($ 2) appear simple and rather petite. Dark chocolate cheesecake layer on cylindrical shaped cake gently salted hides in it. We found the crunchy crumb coating made of biscuits in the cheesecake. The same crispness we’ve come across in a raspberry-flavored cake fresh berries.

As if not satisfied devour all the chocolate dessert we ordered, I ordered Iced Chocolate ($ 3). Sugarless liquid separately presented, this drink was thick with slightly bitter taste. This is the hallmark of Pipiltin, high levels without a trace of brown sugar.

Meanwhile, my friend ordered Iced Tea Fruit Paradise (£ 25,000) to neutralize the sense of taste is full of chocolate he’d been. Refreshing fruit flavored iced tea is also a local product. Precisely sent by Dharma Tea from Bali.

Two thumbs up to Executive Chef Dedy Sutan successful local processing into a classy chocolate! I then raised the cap for the brothers Tissa and Irvan Helmi (one of the owners Anomaly Coffee) which seeks to raise the degree of local chocolates and teas with establishing Pipiltin.

Oh yes, before I forget, I also ask the origin and meaning of the name Pipiltin. Chuckling, Tissa answered the question asked either already keberapa time visitors. “Why? Weird ya name? Pipiltin it means to people in the Aztec language,” he said. It was not until I discovered the common thread between the names, logos, and the cafe interior design with the origin of cocoa beans!

Aircraft Simulation Game Best Android

Aircraft Simulation Game Best AndroidNot only pilots have important role at the airport, but also an ATC. ATC Air Traffic Controller or an air traffic controller whose primary task to prevent the plane too close to each other and avoid collisions (making separation).

For those of you who want to try to become an ATC, can try some of the following Android games.

Air Control Lite

The first game that you can play is the Air Traffic Controller. Your role here is to ensure the state of the airport and its surroundings safe, making it easier for a flight or landing aircraft.

This game also has a few unique elements of puzzle games for the airport trajectory shape is diverse forms so your job to steer the aircraft properly and avoid collisions will be more difficult.
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Not Just Breasts and Buttocks, Silicone Implants Now Spreads Lips

Silicone implants for cosmetic purposes mostly only known in parts of the breast and buttocks only. The goal is to increase the female body attractiveness. Lately, a new trend emerging use of silicone implants, the implant is put on the lips.

Installing the implants on the lips aims to make the lips look thicker and sexy. To get lips like this, before the women rely filler injection procedure, not implants. Because injecting the filler effect did not last long, so many women who migrate to silicon implants.

Silicone implants are increasingly popular among cosmetic surgery patients who have tried the procedure filler injections. In recent years, the patient began to turn and decided I wanted to look thicker lips forever.

“The person who got the injections have to come every 6 months to 1 year. So they put an implant to make it permanent. They like the results,” said Dr. Adam Hamawy, a plastic surgeon with offices in New York City.

Dr. Hamway said, filler injections is still popular among his patients, but the results of the use of implants look better. Results injections can sometimes look irregular or thickened. Because the smooth cylindrical silicone implants, patients can choose the right size.

Each month, Dr. Hamway claimed to have approximately 2-3 patients who want to undergo silicone implant on her lips. Whereas some previous years no interest.

This procedure is performed in a doctor’s office with local anesthesia and takes about half an hour. Two small incisions are made in the corners of the mouth, then a layer of surgeons slicing lips to insert silicone implants.

“The procedure is safe as breast implants or chin implants. Normal results will be visible within three to five days later,” said Dr. Hamawy.

Not only in New York City, it turns out this procedure also began to rage in Hollywood. For example, as manifested a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles named Vladimir Grigoryants, he admitted there was a surge of patients requesting silicone implants in her lips.

“With the injections, they can last one or two months or a few patients do not even see (a difference). Eventually the patient will ask for something more permanent,” said Grigoryants.

To put silicone implants in her lips, Grigoryants attractive cost between U.S. $ 4,500 and U.S. $ 6,500. Grigoryants also have put silicone implants in her lips.

“I have done for myself and my surgeon had called and asked about this procedure. So I know a lot of surgeons who do it,” said Grigoryants.

Wanted: Personal Chef To PSY!

Korean pop singer world, PSY, is currently looking for a personal chef! Do not trigger minder, because PSY emphasizes personal chef does not need to be good at cooking, but most importantly a smart mix of materials. The chef will accompany PSY while touring and enjoying the luxury facilities.

CJ, leading holding company in Korea, is currently on a re-branding some of their food products using Bibigo name. Bibigo will open a restaurant concept ‘Korean Healthy Fresh Kitchen’ outside Korea including, three branches in California, United States.

In order to promote, Bibigo make a contest called “Psygo Bibigo”, to help PSY or Park Jae-sang found personal chef. The chef will be with him on a world tour for a month in July. The contest winner will also receive $ 40,000 or approximately $ 388,640,000 and had a chance to enjoy a luxurious life style PSY.

You are too embarrassed to apply for a chef PSY? Do not worry, because through video titled “PSYGO BIBIGO” in the adage, PSY said, “Not a good cook, no problem! All you need to know is how to mix it up! “(You do not really can cook! Another thing to know how to mix the ingredients).

Interested? Upload your video live creatively “BIBIGO SKILLS” by mixing food ingredients, beverages, and even music. This activity refers to the meaning of the name Bibigo which is a combination of the Korean word ‘bibida’ which means the mixing and the English word ‘to go’.

PSY and the CJ will select 3 finalists to enter the interview stage and do some missions. Furthermore, the winner will get a predefined training for two weeks and became the personal chef PSY start date of July 1, 2013.

“We hope this contest with PSY not only adds Bibigo public awareness of the brand, but also Korean food as a whole, which is currently available in supermarkets around the world,” said Yu Je Hyeuk Bibigo as a marketing director.

Tips Diet With Fruits and Vegetables

Raw foods are safe for consumption when the diet program is vegetables and fruits. Generally, vegetables and fruits have a low calorific value compared with meat, eggs, bread and the like. Besides vegetables and fruits can make your life more healthy foods because 2 has various vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Strive to consume vegetables and fruits are still fresh, as if it has been processed into food menu usually 2 of these foods has been mixed with other ingredients high in calories. For snacks when it can be replaced with fruit then it would be better for your diet.

Every now and then go shopping for vegetables in a week to the grocery store on foot. In addition to healthful you will be more relaxed to drive around town to survey the fruit and vegetable sellers the best. Note the seller presents the product in the way of vegetables, if well-organized and looking fresh. Do not hesitate to bargain and bring home vegetables and fruit that are sold.

Diet tips above are written in order to help its readers succeed in ousting fat accumulates on the body. Do not hesitate to do again soon diet tips so you soon get the change and health benefits.