Not Just Vomiting Vomiting

Vomiting sometimes experienced by children with several causes, such as when eating foods that are not digested by him or any digestive disorder, which may be accompanied by diarrhea. If due to such things, not too difficult to overcome. Most important is providing adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

Vomiting under some circumstances this needs special attention and immediate treatment of a doctor. This situation may be a sign that indicates a more serious condition than just tract infections:

Projectile vomiting (radiating), especially in infants less than 3 months.
Vomiting that occurred back when given normal food.
vomiting that occurs after a head injury.
Vomiting that occurs after the baby is drinking the liquid electrolyte (Pedialit) within 24 hours.
Vomiting is accompanied by a fever of 38 degrees Celsius on rectal temperature measurements.
Vomiting greenish or yellowish because it mixes with bile.
Vomiting red (mixed with blood). Continue reading “Not Just Vomiting Vomiting”

EQ vs. IQ

EQ is not the opposite of IQ or cognitive abilities, but they interact dynamically at the conceptual level and in the real world. Ideally, a person can have advantages in both cognitive abilities and social and emotional skills as well.

The difference between IQ and EQ EQ is probably much less carry genetic factors, so that the role of parents and educators are very large in determining the child’s chance for success.

That’s why, at first the concept of emotional intelligence associated with implications for the way to educate the children, but then develops on its interests in the world of work and in human relationships and activities.

IQ, Specified Many Factors

Social scientists still argue about what is actually true that form a person’s IQ. But most professionals agree, that IQ can be measured by a standard intelligence test tools such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, which includes both verbal and nonverbal abilities, including memory, language, problem solving, conception, perception, information processing, and the ability of abstraction.
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Brain Food Good For Children

Level thinking skills of a child is generally influenced by the type of food consumed each day. Keep in mind, the food consumed will be influential in increasing the ability of the brain. Here are some foods that are known to increase the ability of a child’s brain:

A good bowl of cereal to start the day the little guy. But we should still be careful in selecting it because it is now quite a lot of cereal that contains about 50% sugar with a bit of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Eggs are rich in protein, zinc, vitamin A (for vision), vitamin D (for bone growth), vitamin E (to prevent disease), and vitamin B12 (to form red blood cells). Egg yolk contains lecithin is considered important as brain food, which is good for memory and concentration because it contains iron which is essential for brain function.

Kiwi fruit
Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C about two times higher than oranges and one kiwi will provide the daily requirement of vitamin C for adults. Vitamin C is important to absorb iron from the diet. Because vitamin C can not be stored in the body, then the kids need to eat foods rich in vitamin C to meet the daily needs.
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My eating schedule …

Age 4 to 5 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Adaptation formula (4 x 180 ml??)
Milk porridge (1 x 40-50 g powder) or
Baby biscuits (1-2 pieces)
Fruit juice (1 x 50-100 ml)
Age 6 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Formula adaptation (2 x 180-200 ml)
Milk porridge (2 x 40 -50 g powder) or
Baby biscuits (1-2 pieces)
Fruit juice (1-2 x 50-100 ml)

Ages 7 to 8 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Advanced Formula (2 x 200-250 ml)
Milk porridge (2 x 40-50 g powder) or
Biscuit baby (baby at will)
Rice team (1 x 40-50 g of powder)
Fruit juice (1-2 x 50-100 ml)

Not Just Playing hide and seek fun

Baby was a few months was able to predict whether a ball that fell in the back seat will not be gone forever, just out of view. According to a study conducted by a team from New York University.

We may look down upon the game of hide and seek is done by children. Some parents even feel tired or upset when the child starts the game favors.

The researchers decided to find out when and how the child knows that the ball is rolling and disappeared behind something just like a game of hide and seek and the ball will appear from the other side.

It’s amazing to know that the baby was able to learn? Only? with just a look. The results of this study have been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Each four-month-old baby sitting on the lap of her parents and look to the computer monitor screen. On the screen showing a picture of a ball moving. Then monitored the baby’s eyes with a special camera. Continue reading “Not Just Playing hide and seek fun”

Things You Need To Look For Parents

There are times when the mother wanted the child as early as possible to have the ability to look beyond her years that great compared to his peers. This is fine, as long as the child is stimulated his intelligence by considering the following five aspects:

Almost the entire time the child is used to sleeping and playing. So if you want to teach her something, make the learning activities as part of the play.
Every child at this age have the urge exploration (to investigate), examine, try, look for new things, learn to use the tools of his senses and satisfy his curiosity, which is very large. But because of the development of a sense of ego that also is on the rise, often the urge is gone just because he felt cornered. For example being forced, criticized, or punished. Therefore Stimulate interest in any positive way.
However the end result “tasks” that you give her, should be accepted with a sense of joy and pride. Praise him and give him gifts. Remember, gifts do not always have to be goods, but rather a gentle pat on the head, smears love and warm hugs, also very important to her.
The process of learning for children of this age must take place in an atmosphere of joy and always tailored to the age and ability. Because the ultimate goal of all the activities that you give her is to make children feel happy.
Answering questions is also a learning process children are essentially the same as stimulating children’s intelligence. No matter how busy you are, take the time to answer every child’s curiosity. Less wise if you wait until the “schedule” programmed learning you arrive. Continue reading “Things You Need To Look For Parents”

Gifts for Little

If we want to give good gifts to nieces toys, children relatives or children of our own, we should study it first. Do not get toys that we give to add to his happiness, on the contrary even endanger his safety.

Here are the instructions from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in buying toys for children:

Choose toys that are appropriate to the age, abilities and skills. Do not give toys that far exceeds the capabilities of age because it may harm.
For infants and children who still likes to put things in his mouth, do not give small toys or toys that can be separated into smaller parts. Because these toys can be swallowed and clog the breathing.
Read the label found on each toy, which lists designated age and safety recommendations as a guide before buying toys.
For children under age 8, avoid toys that have sharp edges and sharp points. Also avoid electric toys with heating elements.
Immediately dispose of the plastic wrapping on toys. Because children can make it as a toy and cause blockage of the breathing tract.
Choose toys that are sturdy and strong, not easily broken or torn into small parts.
Read the instructions on the toy to understand and then be purchased if the toy is appropriate for use in children.

Complementary feeding

Solid as a complementary food / formula should be introduced when the child is 4 to 6 months because:

At the age of 4 to 6 months, the baby’s weight in general have reached 2 times body weight at birth so that the need for energy and nutrients increases.
Feeding alone will not be able to meet the baby’s needs for nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development.
Baby’s digestive system has started strong and ready to digest solid food.
When Starting Given?

Some say that it began to be given complementary foods at 4 months old baby. But there is also mention that the new administration should begin complementary foods at 6 months old baby. Actually, the right age to start giving solid food, not the same in all infants. It is influenced by the difference in the amount of breast milk / formula milk received by infants, differences in the basic needs of infants and developmental differences in the digestive system.

When breastfeeding a lot and meet the needs of the child, should be breastfed exclusively, which is given only breast milk until the age of 6 months. Continue reading “Complementary feeding”

Help Improve the capacity Nerve Cells

A person’s intelligence is actually influenced by two main factors, namely genetics (genetic or congenital) or environmental factor. Parents whose children will tend to generally intelligent smart anyway, especially with the environment that supports the development of intelligence since still in the womb, infancy, and toddlers.

So even though both parents smart, but if the environment does not provide the basic needs for the development of intelligence, the intelligence potential can not develop optimally.

One of the basic needs of intelligence development is through nutrition received since the child still in the womb through the mother’s food intake. While after the baby is born, breast milk is rich in necessary nutrients to support brain growth process.

However, that breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients the child, the mother should eat a nutritious and balanced diet every day during pregnancy and lactation. Mothers also need to eat foods rich in protein, such as fish, meat, eggs, tempeh, tofu, and skim milk, and eat more vegetables and fruits. Continue reading “Help Improve the capacity Nerve Cells”

Terror Night

Have you ever experienced a state where your baby scream hard when you just want to go to bed last night? It could be not just once but often (happened).

There currently sprinted to her room, your child looks sat with his eyes open but like he did not recognize you. You frantically shook his shoulder and asked what had happened. When your child woke up and looked confused, you try to calm him down and explain that it was just a nightmare. And baby you were not even grow uneasy calm.

If it only happens once in a while might not be a problem. But what if it is? was repeated and the time was about the same. Only one or two hours the child was asleep, she screamed in terror. You become more confused and scared. All kinds of assumptions come to mind. “What is it? Lest his health. Alternatively … perhaps there is a disturbing demons”.

When the first thing that comes, the doctor had been the goal, and when that comes to mind second, religious leaders or even psychic who will be the target of the visit. Is it wrong? Not really, not every parent would try his best to be beloved children remain healthy and away from all the dangers and diseases. But before that, it’s good when you read a bit of the story about the “terror by night’s sleep” is.
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